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Try These Fun Spanish Alphabet Flip Books This School Year

Libritos del alfabeto

I have been using these Spanish Alphabet Flip Books in my classroom for introducing and/or reviewing each alphabet letter and their beginning sounds.

Spanish Alphabet Flip Books I Libritos del alfabeto

What makes these  Spanish Alphabet Flip Books so great and practical is that they teach multiple skills. These skills are age appropriate. 

We started by cutting the pictures apart to gain some fine motor work. Then, for some handwriting practice,  we write the target beginning  sound letter and we color or rainbow write the large letters. Then we say the letter's name, sound, and recognize the first sound pictures. Help them to think of other objects that begin with the same letter.

Spanish Alphabet Flip Books I Libritos del alfabeto

Spanish Alphabet Flip Books I Libritos del alfabeto

It's not only a fun tool to learn the alphabet, but it's also a terrific way to start connecting pictures to words, which will help young children develop their reading skills. Encourage your children to identify the letter they will be focusing on by saying it out loud while they color the images for their flip book. If they're new to reading and can't say the names of the pictures, have them say the names and sound out the first sound.

Spanish Alphabet Flip Books

These Spanish Alphabet Flip Books are a fun, interactive tool to introduce new letters, reinforce letter sounds or beginning sound vocabulary, or for students needing more support.  Are you ready to try these Spanish Alphabet Flip Books in your class?

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