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BOOM Cards Rhyming in Spanish Amazing and Fun Resource for Digital Learning

BOOM Cards Rhyming in Spanish- Juego de rimas

Never tried Boom Cards?  Your students will LOVE them!  Boom Cards are digital, self-checking, interactive activities.  

This deck of paperless task cards features 35 cards. Students are presented with the sentence "¿Qué rima con….?" and shown a picture of an object. They must choose the picture that rhymes with the object from 3 given picture choices. Sound files for each picture are provided. Students can click the sound buttons under each picture to hear its name.

Juego de rimas para niños

BOOM Cards Juego de rimas online

This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speaker to hear the name of each picture.

Juego de rimas

Rimas para ninos

Check out the short video below to see a few examples. 

Why use BOOM Cards in your classroom?
Boom cards are digital task cards that you play on the Boom Learning website. They are easy and fun to use!
  • No printing, cutting, laminating
  • Interactive
  • Self-grading
  • Use with internet connected devices: computers, tablets, Smart boards
  • Data tracking with paid subscription

BOOM CARDS Rhyming in Spanish- Juego de rimas will provide an exciting, interactive and independent learning experience for your students. 
Try it before you buy it! Check out this preview to see an example. Make sure to click on Full-Size preview to get the full effect.

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Until next time, Happy Teaching!

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