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FREE Low-Prep Rhyming Word Puzzles- Juego de rimas That Your Kids Will Love!

FREE Rhyming Words in Spanish- Juego de rimas

Rhyming  is an important phonological awareness skill that children learn from an early age. Children who can rhyme will have an easier time learning to read and spell. 

I made these rhyming puzzles so that my students could practice their rhyming words.

FREE Rhyming Word Puzzles- Juego de Rimas

FREE Rhyming Word Puzzles- Juego de Rimas

Make sure that your students always say the names of the pictures aloud when they are looking for the match.

If your kids are having trouble looking through all twenty puzzles, simply give them 8-10 pairs of words to avoid overwhelming them. You can gradually add the remaining puzzle pieces as they learn them.

This game can be used as a center or a quiet early finisher.  

To make these puzzles last a long time, I recommend printing and laminating the puzzles on cardstock. 

These free,  Rhyming Puzzles are one of the most popular activities  among my students. I hope your students like them as much as mine do.

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