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4 Activities to Teach Spanish Blends That Will Help You in Your Classroom

silabas trabadas para niños de primaria

Trying to find fun and engaging ways for your early Spanish readers to learn las sílabas trabadas? These activities are a great way to get your readers to practice and master them.

Today, I'm going to show you some of my favorite activities. These sílabas trabadas activities can be used as a whole-group activity, a center activity, or independent work!

#1. Carteles de sílabas trabadas

These Spanish Blends Posters, Carteles de sílabas trabadas are a great way to introduce and reinforce words with sílabas trabadas.

Poster de silabas trabadas, carteles

silabas trabadas con l

silabas trabadas para imprimir

posters de silabas trabadas

silabas trabadas con r

#2. Centro de sílabas trabadas

This pocket chart activity can be used several different ways; in small groups, as a center, for review or to explicitly teach Spanish syllable blends, sílabas trabadas to a whole group or a small group of students.

sílabas trabadas, centro de silabas

Tarjetas de sílabas trabadas

Centro de silabas

silabas trabadas con r

silabas trabadas para ninos

#3. Boom Cards de sílabas trabadas 

BOOM cards are interactive digital task cards that live  on the BOOM Learning website. They're popular among students since they're interactive. They're popular among teachers because they're self-correcting and allow you to track student data. They're an excellent way to use on laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices into your classroom.

BOOM Cards de silabas trabadas

These interactive activities your students complete digitally. They’re similar to task cards you would use in your centers, but they’re all completed online! Your students can practice and review the syllables with these fun cards.

actividades con silabas trabadas

BOOM Cards de silabas trabadas

BOOM Cards desilaba fr

Palabras que empiezan con dr

#4.Libritos de sílabas trabadas

Your student will color the pictures, write the Spanish blend on the line and cut apart the booklet. Then your student will stack the pictures and adhere the pictures with a small amount of glue, or an adult can staple the book together.

Sílabas trabadas fr

palabras que tienen sílabas trabadas

silabas trabadas fr

I’d love to hear how your students enjoy these activities in the comments below!

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