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Las reglas de la clase l Editable Classroom Rules in Spanish

Editable Classroom Rules in Spanish

Like many of you, I spend the first days of school talking about procedures, rituals, and routines in the classroom. I spend a lot of time practicing,  and reviewing expectations.

Classroom rules can set the tone for your year from the beginning. When students have clear and direct expectations, they’re able to stay focused and on task. 

Las Reglas del Salón

Teach the rules as you would a regular lesson. It should be your first lesson. Discuss each rule individually. Establishing rock solid classroom rules and expectations is important for creating a successful classroom environment where your students can thrive.

Las reglas d e la clase

Create rules with your students and type them into these editable posters to personalize the language to fit your classroom needs or use the ready to print versions! 

Editable Classroom Rules

Editable Classroom Rules in Spanish

Editable Classroom Rules

What classroom rules work best for you?  I’d love you to share it in the comments below!

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