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7 Fun and Interactive Must Have BOOM Cards for Your Classroom

Boom Learning is an exciting platform that you can use across all learning styles, no matter how your classroom looks this year. Boom Cards are an excellent virtual learning resource, but they may also be utilized in the classroom for centers, small reading groups, homework, and early finishers.

I have a growing collection of BOOM Cards that are sold as big bundles or smaller sets. I have many different types of BOOM Cards, you can see my store and find a few of my products that you like! 

Boom cards in Spanish l Letra D

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards are interactive digital lessons that may be used on any device. They look like the task cards you'd use in your centers, but they're entirely done online! 

They can be completed during morning work, math or literacy centers, or as an early finisher project for your students. They don't require any preparation, and all students need is a device to play on, so they may be used at any time. 

Boom cards are fun to use, they capture data, and the kids constantly want more!

These are my favorite Back to School Boom Cards...

BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish Clasificando sonidos iniciales

The BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish are an ideal way for beginning readers to learn and practice identifying beginning sounds for each letter of the alphabet. Kids will drag and drop the pictures on the school bus with the matching beginning sound.

BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish l l Clasificando sonidos iniciales

In this BOOM Deck your students will listen to word, say the word, count the syllables, and click on the number that shows the number of syllables.

Counting Syllables in Spanish l Contando sílabas

BOOM Cards Sílabas iniciales con la letra L

This deck will allow your students to practice identifying the beginning syllable sounds with the letter L (la, le, li, lo and lu).

Students look at the pictures, find the beginning syllable, and drag and drop the syllable to complete the word.

Sílabas con la letra L

BOOM CARDS Rhyming in Spanish


Students must choose the picture that rhymes with the object from 3 given picture choices. Sound files for each picture are provided. Students can click the sound buttons under each picture to hear its name.

BOOM CARDS Rhyming in Spanish l Rimas

Your students will love matching lowercase with uppercase letters. Students will look at the lowercase and decide which uppercase letter matches.

Spanish Alphabet Match l Reconocimiento de letras
This BOOM Deck features 65 digital cards to provide beginning readers with practice spelling high frequency words in Spanish- palabras de alta frecuencia.

Students read the word, click the speaker to hear the word, and build the word with the letters.
High Frequency Words l Construye palabras de uso frecuente

BOOM Cards Two Syllable Words

Palabras de dos sílabas

This deck will allow your students to practice and reinforce syllables, decoding, blending and vocabulary. Students will practice forming two syllable words in Spanish.

Students will hear a word, say a word, find the syllables, and drag and drop the syllables to the word, and finally type the word.

BOOM Cards Palabras de dos sílabas.

So what do you think? Do you want a FREE BOOM Deck? Grab your free deck.

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