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Create the Perfect Visual Classroom Schedule and Enjoy the Benefits

Editable Schedule Cards

What is a visual schedule?

Schedule cards are visual aids that aid students in understanding and follow a daily or weekly schedule. These cards typically include a picture or symbol representing each activity, as well as the activity's name and time it occurs.

Horario de clases en espanol

Schedule Cards-Editable

A classroom schedule is essential for several reasons:

Structure and routine are provided for students by a consistent and predictable schedule, which can help them feel more secure and comfortable in the classroom. A consistent schedule can also help to reduce behavior issues because students know what to expect and are less likely to misbehave.

Encourages time management skills: A schedule teaches students time management and how to plan ahead. It also teaches them the value of being punctual and on time for appointments, which is a valuable life skill.

Improves learning outcomes: A well-planned schedule can help students maximize their learning time and ensure they have enough time to complete their work. This can lead to better academic results.

Transitions between activities and classes can be difficult for students, particularly those with ADHD or other attention disorders. A classroom schedule eases these transitions and gives students a sense of predictability.

Horario de clases en espanol

Schedule Cards -Editable

Horario visual

Schedule Cards -Editable

In general, having a classroom schedule is a useful tool for creating a positive and productive learning environment. It provides structure and routine while also teaching students important time management skills.

Ready to help students understand and follow your schedule in your classroom? Click here to view the classroom schedule.

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