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Three Ways to Help Students Who Struggle With High Frequency Words in Spanish

Spanish High Frequency Words

In my classroom learning our high frequency words, palabras de uso frecuente, is a priority. We work with them every day.

The practice of reading high frequency words is critical for beginning readers. High frequency words are words that regularly appear in texts. We all know how crucial it is for our kids to be able to recognize high frequency words quickly in order to improve their reading fluency and comprehension.

I am so excited to share with you these different activities to practice high frequency words in Spanish. I have seen great success with all these resources. 

This week, we have been working on the following high frequency words: "A", "mi", "me", "gusta", and “también”. If you are working on other high frequency words throughout the year, you can see my other bundles in my store. 

Bundle #1
Bundle #2
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Librito de palabras de uso frecuente

This high frequency  word reader is ideal for beginning readers. To help them figure out what the words are, it features consistent text patterns and clear visuals. Students will enjoy coloring the drawings that correspond to the sentences. 

These emergent readers give you ways to practice specific high frequency words. 

Because the pictures are in black and white, students can color the books to customize them.

Ways to Use Emergent Readers in the Classroom

There are so many ways to use emergent readers in the primary classroom. 

Give kids a yellow highlighter or crayon and as a class together you and the students highlight the high frequency word on each page to help them identify and remember the high frequency words. For visual learners, this is a fantastic method!

Spanish High Frequency Words, Spanish Emergent Reader

Spanish Emergent Reader, Librito de palabras de uso frecuente

They'd be ideal for a morning work  activity or as an early finisher activity.

Throughout the school year, I require students to keep their emerging readers in their book boxes. Students will then have simple access to reread books they've already read. At the end of the year, you can put them all in a gallon zip-top bag and send them home with students. This is a great resource for students to have at home to practice reading over the summer.

These high frequency word activities provide effective and engaging high frequency word practice for kindergarten and first grade children.

Hojas de trabajo - Palabras de uso frecuente

These worksheets provide a variety of ways for your children to practice their high frequency words. Students concentrate on one high frequency word at a time on each worksheet.

To encourage student independence, these worksheets follow a regular format. Students will do the following on each page:

✔ Read the high frequency word out loud.
✔ Trace the high frequency word.
✔ Write the high frequency word.
✔ Find the high frequency word and circle it.
✔ Cut, built and glue the high frequency word.
✔ Identify the high frequency word and read it in the context of a sentence.
✔ Write a sentence using the high frequency word.

High Frequency Words in Spanish: Read, Cut and Paste Worksheets

This worksheet allows my students to read the sentences and match the corresponded picture.

Palabras de alta frecuencia

Spanish High Frequency Words Pocket Chart

This  pocket chart activity has the same words as the reader.  We talk about sentence structure, the high frequency words that we are studying/reviewing that week, punctuation, capital letters, left to right directionality and their location. We talk about how words need to be separated by spaces. 

I have my students work in groups of two to build and write sentences. After they build the sentences, they use their writing journal and they write the sentences. They can also come up with their own sentence.

Every month, my students look forward to using these activities, and I've noticed a significant improvement in their writing and sentence structure!

Let me know in the comments below which high frequency words you are teaching this week. 

Would you like to try it in your classroom? The following high frequency words bundle focuses on the words "hay", "un", "una", "debajo", "de", and "mi".

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