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Best Fun and Interactive BOOM Cards to Review and Practice Syllables


Have you heard about BOOM Cards? I love to use them in my classroom! 

Boom Cards are self-checking and interactive activities that students complete digitally. They’re similar to task cards you would use in your centers, but they’re all completed online! Your students can practice and review the syllables with these fun cards.

Sílabas con la  letra Gg suave- ge,gi

Sílabas con la letra f- fa, fe, fi, fo, fu

Sílabas con la letra v- va, ve, vi, vo, vu

Boom Cards can be used on many devices, making them classroom and at-home-learning friendly. With a variety of skills, levels, and subjects, Boom Cards make differentiation and spiral review a breeze.

Sílabas con la letra c- ca, ce, ci, co, cu

I wanted to help you get started on the right foot! Try out this deck of 
BOOM Cards Sílabas iniciales con la letra b for FREE and see how you and your students like them! To download your free deck, click on the picture below.

Sílabas  con la letra b- ba, be, bi, bo, bu

I’d love to hear how your students enjoy them in the comments below!

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