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5 Spanish Syllables Videos Your Students Will Love Everyday

Videos para aprender a leer

Videos are an engaging and effective way to teach and practice skills that require a lot of repetition to learn.  I love these 5 videos to practice blending syllables into words. These videos are great for beginner readers working on blending Spanish syllables. Your students will say and listen to the open syllables (Sílabas Abiertas) and blend the syllables into words. When the students are done reading the word, the picture for the word will appear. 

I use these videos during my one-on-one time with my students, as  classroom review  activities, and, of course, as literacy centers.

Sílabas con a, e,  (video)

Sílabas con a, e, i (video)

Sílabas con a,e,i,o (video)

Try out this video: Sílabas con A & E   for FREE and see how you and your students like it! To download your free video, click on the picture below!

Sílabas con a,e, (video)

Do you have any favorite videos? I would love to talk below 👇


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