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8 Fun and Hands-on Ideas for Reviewing High Frequency Words in Spanish

We can help young learners become fluent readers more quickly by teaching high-frequency words in Spanish (palabras de uso frecuente).

When students have words that they recognize easily, they can write more fluently rather than having to write words sound by sound or solve every word, which frees up their attention to focus on the message they want to express.

We all would agree that the best way to engage young readers is to make high-frequency words learning fun and hands-on. 

Using high frequency activities like games, centers, and hands-on manipulatives will help your students master skills without even knowing that they are learning!

Make high-frequency words learning a regular part of your literacy block and switch out activities often. By setting aside time for focused attention on high frequency learning, you’ll be surprised how quickly your young readers blossom.

Here are a few of my favorite high frequency word activities:

#1. Playdough Mats

Students will have fun reading, tracing, writing and building each high frequency word in Spanish. Print and laminate the mats for durability. You can also insert the mats into sheet protectors and add them to a 3-ring binder.

High Frequency Words Playdough Mats In Spanish-Palabras de uso frecuente

High Frequency Words Playdough Mats In Spanish-Palabras de uso frecuente

#2. Readers

While it is important for students to be able to read the words in isolation, the real purpose of studying these words is to be able to read them in context.  Even students that don't know all of their letters and sounds can begin to read simple, repetitive texts.  

For example, in the reader "Yo puedo", each sentence begins with “Yo puedo...", and the text repeats on every page with great pictures for getting a picture clue. Each word in the sentence has a dot underneath to help little readers with tracking and recognizing one-to-one matching.

Palabras de uso frecuente

Palabras de uso frecuente

#3. Worksheets

Students will write and trace the high frequency word, read the sentence, circle the high frequency word in a sentence, compose their own original sentence using the word and cut and paste the word.

High frequency words in spanish

This worksheet will help your beginning readers comprehend what they are reading.  They will match the picture with the correct sentence.

High frequency words in spanish

#4. Build a sentence

After we read the book, we keep practicing our high frequency words and we build sentences using the high frequency words.

This resource will also help beginning writers with learning sentence structure. Students will unscramble the sentences to show a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end.

Centros de lectura: Palabras de uso frecuente

Construye oraciones con palabras de alta frecuencia

#5. High Frequency word wall.

High frequency word wall in your classroom is a great reference for your students to find words during word work. This helps with beginning sounds skills as well.  As you introduce new high frequency words (palabras de uso frecuente), add them to your class word wall. 

Pared de palabras de uso frecuente

Digital Resources for virtual learning 

#6. Digital High Frequency Words BOOM Cards

These Boom Cards will provide an exciting, interactive and independent learning experience for your students. 

Your students click the speaker and they hear the word they need to find.

This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speaker to hear the directions and the high frequency words (palabras de uso frecuente) as often as necessary.

Palabras de uso frecuente

#7. Digital Read and comprehend in Spanish BOOM Cards

This deck of Boom Cards is a great way to have your students practice their reading skills in simple sentences with high frequency words.

Escucha y comprende oraciones sencillas

#8. BOOM Cards Construye palabras de uso frecuente

This deck will provide beginning readers with practice spelling high frequency words in Spanish.

Students read the word, click the speaker to hear the word, and build the word with the letters.

BOOM Cards Construye palabras de uso frecuente

What are your favorite ways for helping your students practice high frequency words in Spanish (palabras de uso frecuente)?  I love hearing your ideas!

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