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Best Engaging Activities to Practice Rhyming (rimas) and a Freebie!

¿Cómo se enseñan a los niños a rimar palabras? Juegos de rimas

How do you teach rhyming words (rimas) to children?

We all know that one of the first ways a child demonstrates phonological awareness is through rhyme recognition (an important part of literacy development).

It can be a lot of fun to teach students to recognize and produce rhyme- rimas. Using rhyme books is an excellent way to introduce this concept. Children are exposed to the rhythm of language when rhyming books are read aloud to them. It's important to remember that repetition is crucial in developing rhyming skills. As a result, we can read books to students over and over again. Using books in this way also helps with oral language development. Here are a few of my favorite activities for developing rhyming skills in my classroom:



La Foca Loca

RIMA LIMA LIMÓN. Juego de Rimas

La vaca Lola

Debajo de un Botón

Literacy Centers:

 Rhyming mats

rimas cortas

Juego de rimas

To use this activity, print and laminate the mats and sorting cards. Have your students sort the cards and match them with the correct rhyming words.

Rhyming activities in Spanish

Juego de rimas

Juego de rimas

Easy Setup: Print the colorful game boards, laminate if you like, and use counting chips or erasers to cover rhymes. 

palabras que riman

juegos de palabras que riman para niños

BOOM Cards 

juegos de rimas para niños online

BOOM CARDS Rhyming in Spanish- Juego de rimas will provide an exciting, interactive and independent learning experience for your students. 

This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speaker to hear the name of each picture.

Why use BOOM Cards in your classroom?
Boom cards are digital task cards that you play on the Boom Learning website. They are easy and fun to use!
  • No printing, cutting, laminating
  • Interactive
  • Self-grading
  • Use with internet connected devices: computers, tablets, Smart boards
  • Data tracking with paid subscription

Try it before you buy it! Check out this preview to see an example. Make sure to click on Full-Size preview to get the full effect.

Click here to access BOOM Cards in my store. Be sure to subscribe to my blog below for updates and freebies!

I hope your students enjoy these activities as much as mine have.

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