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Fun Ways to Teach the Spanish Alphabet- El alfabeto

Spanish Alphabet Activities I juegos de letras para niños

One of the most crucial things to teach your students is the alphabet, as it lays the framework for reading and writing.

Students must comprehend what a letter is, what sound(s) it makes, and how each letter works together to form a readable word.

The first step is to simply explain to your students how each letter generates its own sound.

I use this pocket chart to introduce letters and sounds to my students.  First, I show them the picture, and  say the name of the pictures (emphasis in the beginning sounds "/a/ /a/ araña" "/e/ /e/ elefante") Make sure your child knows the names of the pictures before asking him/her to do the sort. 

This is a fantastic  activity that can be used a number of different ways; in small groups, as a center, for review, or to explicitly teach beginning sounds to a whole group or a small group of students.

Sonidos iniciales

I recommend having visuals everywhere in your classroom and referring to them often. My favorite way to display is by having alphabet posters.

El alfabeto

Including a variety of hands-on activities in the classroom is critical to your students' understanding of letter names and sounds. Students should have as much exposure to letters and sounds as possible.

These fun, and engaging alphabet activities will help your students learn their  letters and sounds without even knowing it!

Letter and Letter sounds Centers

Sonidos iniciales I Rompecabezas

Sonidos Iniciales I Beginning Sounds Mats In Spanish

Sonidos iniciales I Centros de lectura

Alphabet Bingo In Spanish I El alfabeto I Bingo del alfabeto I El abecedario

Rompecabezas de sonidos iniciales

BOOM Cards Beginning Sounds in Spanish I Sonidos iniciales

Reconocimiento de letras

BOOM Cards las vocales

BOOM Cards Spanish Alphabet Match I Reconocimiento de letras I Distance learning

BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish l l Clasificando sonidos iniciales


Showing videos in my classroom is one of my favorite ways to get my students to practice letters and letter sounds.  These videos can be used to begin a lesson, as a warm-up, to fill in small gaps during the day, or as a review at the conclusion of the day.

Thank you for following along! I hope your kids enjoy all of these learning alphabet activities and ideas!

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