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7 Fun and Engaging Halloween Activities in Spanish to Try With Your Students

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Halloween is such a cool time for kids. They can't wait to put on costumes, show off their creativity, and dive into all the spooky fun. And you know what? It's also an awesome chance to mix learning with a good time in class. 

Today, I'm excited to share some Halloween activities that both me and my students really enjoy. These activities aren't just fun; they're also super helpful for building literacy and math skills. From reading to sorting numbers, these are the ones that make our classroom come alive with Halloween excitement!

1. High-Frequency Word Reader
Librito con palabras de uso frecuente

This High-Frequency Word Reader provides an excellent opportunity for students to practice reading and writing high-frequency words, or "palabras de uso frecuente," like "ellos," "ven," "un," and "una." Designed for beginning readers, it incorporates repetitive text to help students master one-to-one word matching. If you're working on different high-frequency words, you can explore other bundles tailored to your needs. 

If you are working on other high frequency words,  you can see my other bundles in my store.

Phonemic awareness, or as we call it, 'sonidos iniciales,' is a crucial skill for young learners, and the Initial Sounds Center does an excellent job of enhancing it.Students say the name of a picture, identify its initial sound, and demonstrate their answer using magnetic letters or an erasable marker. This engaging activity not only sharpens phonemic awareness but also makes learning phonics fun.

When it comes to recognizing letters, both uppercase and lowercase, the Alphabet Letter Sort activities are where it's at. Students dive into sorting letters in a fun and interactive way, strengthening their ability to distinguish between different forms of "el alfabeto." This activity is a key building block in developing solid reading and writing skills.

4.Syllable Substitution Game:
Manipulación silábica:

Conciencia fonológica

Who says Halloween can't be educational and fun? The Syllable Substitution Game is a real treat. In this game, kids practice changing syllables to create new words. It's hands-on and encourages reading, writing, and spelling high-frequency words, all while expanding their vocabulary.

Manipulación de sílabas

Building High-Frequency Words is a versatile activity that reinforces word recognition and spelling. Students start by reading a word, then construct it using alphabet letter tiles or magnetic letters. Afterward, they write the word or craft a sentence incorporating the high-frequency word, or "palabra de uso frecuente." This multi-faceted approach ensures that children encounter high-frequency words in various contexts, facilitating better retention. 
Number Sense in Spanish

Students will look at a number represented in 3 different ways and write the number at the top of the card.

Números 0-10

Sentido Numérico 0-10

Halloween-themed number sorting activities are ideal for reinforcing number identification and developing a strong "sentido numérico." 

These cards cover numbers from 0 to 10, presenting multiple representations of each number. Whether it's ten frames, dice, fingers, or Halloween-themed objects, students explore numbers in diverse ways, nurturing their fluency in number recognition. 

Bingo de Halloween

Halloween Bingo in Spanish is a great addition to your Halloween party or classroom. It's a fun way to reinforce vocabulary while enjoying a traditional game. 

Last year, my students had a blast with these activities and gained a lot from them. What are your Halloween plans, and which activities do you have in mind?  

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