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How Phonemic Awareness Mats in Spanish Make Your Students Become Better Readers

Conciencia fonológica

We must spend a significant amount of time helping our students develop their phonological awareness skills, which allow them to isolate, identify, and manipulate sounds, in order to develop great readers.

Sound Boxes in Spanish

By focusing on segmenting and combining the sounds in words, these Phonemic Awareness Mats in Spanish can assist kids develop phonemic awareness. Breaking a word down into its separate sounds is known as segmenting. Continue reading to find out how to utilize these Phonemic Awareness Mats in Spanish to teach these crucial abilities.

Sound Boxes in Spanish

How to use these mats:

Begin by speaking the target word slowly and showing a picture of the word you want your students to segment on the mat. Say the word  slowly. Ask your student to say the word again, this time segmenting the sounds. Go over the sounds in words. Students should be reminded that words are made up of sounds. Tell them they'll be practicing hearing all of the sounds in a word. Make it clear that kids should concentrate on the sounds they hear rather than the letters they see.

Sound Boxes in Spanish
Put the word together. Swipe your pointer finger under the letters from left to right while slowly reading the word and looking at the letters.  

Finally your students will write the word under the boxes.

It's critical that we have a number of tactics we may utilize to appropriately and successfully support children as they learn to read. Children will improve their spelling, writing, and reading skills using these Phonemic Awareness Mats in Spanish

Phonemic Awareness Mats in Spanish

What other phonemic awareness activities do you do with your students?

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