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Discover a Great Reader with Videos to Teach Your Students How to Take Care of the Earth

Earth Day (Día de la Tierra)

Earth Day (Día de la Tierra) is an excellent opportunity to teach students about the importance of taking care of the planet. 

It is so important to teach them young so that our beautiful earth can stay beautiful forever!! 

To teach my students how to take care of the Earth, I  use this reader.

Earth Day Reader In Spanish/ El día de la Tierra

Earth Day Reader In Spanish/ El día de la Tierra

Yo puedo cuidar la Tierra/ I can take care of the Earth reader in Spanish: introduces your students to different ways they can care for the Earth

Earth Day Reader In Spanish/ El día de la Tierra


Videos can be a great way to add variety to an Earth Day lesson. I have found my favorite Earth Day videos that are kid-friendly and educational.

Sésamo: ¡Nuestro planeta!


Canción al Medio Ambiente y ecología en nuestro planeta.

Reciclar | Juana la Iguana | Canciones infantiles

Read Alouds

El día de la Tierra por Jean Feldman 

read-aloud (español)

El libro de la Tierra (The Earth Book) 

Read Aloud

El Árbol Generoso Por Shel Silverstein

Looking for more Earth Day ideas? Be sure to follow my Earth Day board/El día de la Tierra on Pinterest, I add more every day!

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