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Try These New Favorite STRESS-FREE Literacy Centers in Your Classroom

Try These  New Winter Favorite STRESS-FREE Literacy Centers in Your Classroom

Can you believe that it is already the middle of December? This month has been jam-packed with learning, holiday fun, report card testing, and more. I really know the struggle of teaching this month. Time is short and there's a lot to do! I have pulled together my favorite STRESS-FREE centers that I have been using in my classroom.  


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This is an easy to prep activity to help students practice beginning sounds. Students will say the name of the pictures to identify the beginning sounds. Students will use dry erase markers or magnetic letters to show their answers. 

Each snowman is made up of three pieces. The top hat shows the initial sound of the syllable, and the middle and lower sections show examples of words and pictures that use the initial syllable sound.

Rhyming Clip Cards- Tarjetas de rimas

Each card has the sentence ¿Qué rima con….?" and shows a picture of an object. They must choose the picture that rhymes with the object from 2 given picture choices. To complete the activity, students use clothes pins, paper clips or dry erase markers to mark the picture that rhymes.
Students will build a snowman using pieces that show the word, the number of syllables and a picture. They will look at the word and say it out loud then they will match the picture and count the number of syllables in the word and place the corresponding hat on the snowman.

Build a Snowman Beginning Sounds In Spanish-Sonidos Iniciales

Each snowman is made up of three pieces. Students match the uppercase and lowercase letters to the beginning sound picture. Once they put together their snowmen your students can practice tracing the letters!

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