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Effective Ways to Teach High Frequency Words in Spanish (Palabras de uso frecuente) and a FREEBIE!

High Frequency Words in Spanish-Palabras de Uso Frecuente

One of the best things about teaching literacy in Spanish is that the language is very consistent in its pronunciation.  For the most part, I can say that each letter has one sound, with a few exceptions. However, some students still struggle to learn how to decode words.  I can help  your students who are struggling to become fluent readers by teaching them high frequency words that they can memorize and recognize easier.

That's why I created different activities for my students to practice high frequency words in Spanish. I have seen great success with all these resources. 

Check out these fun activities in Spanish: High Frequency Words, emergent readers books, BOOM cards and FREEBIE below!

Do your student needs practice with the high frequency words- “mira”, “la” and “el”? Then this is the bundle for you!

This product is great for guided reading groups, individual practice, or even as at-home practice for students!

Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:

"My student loved the story in Spanish or maybe I had too much fun telling it. Anyways, excellent quality."~Jeanna G.

"Love this, so useful! I love the consistency and variety available."~Finally Bilingual

"Great to help build fluency!"~Sara Gaitan

Spanish High Frequency Words "mira","la" and "el"

Have you heard about BOOM Cards? 

BOOM Cards are interactive, digital task cards that make learning fun for students! They are also self-checking.  I create mine with sound so my non-readers are able to use them as well. If you want to read more about them you can read this blog post.

BOOM Cards Construye palabras de uso frecuente- Distance Learning

BOOM Cards - Listen & Build it High Frequency in Spanish will provide an exciting and engaging literacy center for your students.

Boom Cards are interactive, self-checking digital task cards that require NO-PREP (no printing, cutting, or laminating required)

This paperless deck features 65 digital cards to provide beginning readers with practice spelling sight words in Spanish.

This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speakers to hear the directions and the word.


BOOM Cards High Frequency Words in Spanish- Palabras de uso frecuente

BOOM CARDS-High Frequency Words in Spanish will provide an exciting, interactive and independent learning experience for your students.

The students click the speaker and they hear the word they need to find.


Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:

"This was awesome to use! I love Boom Cards!"~Ashley S.

"Excelente material, muy dinámico y divertido para los pequeños que están aprendiendo a distancia."~Nilmary Cruz

Have you ever tried  Color by High Frequency Words in Spanish activities in the classroom? If you have, then I bet you’ll agree that these pages provide a lot of fun for children of all ages the whole year round.

Your students will love practicing their high frequency words in Spanish with these fun coloring activities!

When to use:
Color by High Frequency Words activities are perfect for small groups, independent work, morning work, homework, homeschooling and reading intervention.

What are your favorite ways for helping your students practice high frequency words in Spanish? I love hearing  your ideas!

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