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Discover Amazing BOOM Cards in Spanish for Virtual and Online Learning

BOOM Cards in Spanish

How are you feeling about going back to school in the next few weeks? I want my students to be safe as well as myself. I am feeling stressed and anxious, as I’m sure many of you are. The regulations are changing every day, and it’s so hard to plan for this coming school year. One thing I know for sure is that we need distance learning resources. Have you heard about BOOM Cards? I loved them right from the start. These fun task cards are fun, ready to go, and save you time!

BOOM Cards Sets

I have a growing collection of BOOM Cards that are sold as big bundles or smaller sets. I have many different types of BOOM Cards, you can see my store and find a few of my products that you like! 

Here are some of my favorite sets:

BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish- Clasificando sonidos iniciales

BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish- Clasificando sonidos iniciales
The BOOM Cards Beginning Sound Sort in Spanish are an ideal way for beginning readers to learn and practice identifying beginning sounds for each letter of the alphabet.
Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:💗"These were a great resource for my students. They were student friendly and easy for kindergartners to do even though they had never been used in the regular classroom."~Dora G.
💗"This resource helped me plan and adjust my lessons and teaching techniques for distance learning, share educational materials with my students for distance learning, and give them an engaging and fun resource while they learn. They loved it!"~Nilmary Cruz

BOOM Cards Rhyming in Spanish-Juego de rimas

BOOM Cards Rhyming in Spanish- Juego de rimas
BOOM CARDS Rhyming in Spanish-Juego de rimas will provide an exciting, interactive and independent learning experience for your students.

For each of the 35 cards students are presented with the sentence "¿Qué rima con….?" and shown a picture of an object. They must choose the picture that rhymes with the object from 3 given picture choices. Sound files for each picture are provided. Students can click the sound buttons under each picture to hear its name.
Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:
💗"My students love it!"~Maestra Amarilis  
💗"Thank you this made distance learning fun!"~Daisy T.

BOOM Cards Spanish R Blends Digital Task Cards BUNDLE- Sílabas trabadas con R

BOOM Cards Sílabas trabadas con r-Spanish R Blends Digital Task Cards BUNDLEThis Boom Deck bundle has 208 paperless, NO PREP, drag and drop digital task cards. This deck will allow your students to practice Spanish syllables blends with r (br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr)-Sílabas trabadas con r.
Students look at the pictures, find the missing blend, and drag and drop it to complete the word.
These decks are PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. 

Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:
💗"My kids love this! It was so easy to use!~The Little Maestra
💗"Excelente recurso!"~Margaret

What you get:
Upon download you will receive a PDF containing your link to the resource. When you click the link, you will be redirected to You will be prompted to create a FREE account.

Why use BOOM Cards:
✅They are easy and fun to use!
✅No printing, cutting, laminating
✅Use with internet connected devices: computers, tablets, Smart boards
✅Data tracking with paid subscription

When to use:

BOOM Cards are perfect for whole group, literacy centers, guided reading groups, extra practice, distance learning etc.

How do I set up my classroom?

The video tutorial on Boom Learning, Classroom Setup is super helpful, so I’ll refer you to that video.

How to assign Boom Cards to a Google Classroom:
Watch this quick video tutorial to see how to assign a BOOM Card Deck in GoogleClassroom.

So what do you think? Do you want a FREE BOOM Deck? Grab your free deck.

BOOM Cards Sílabas iniciales-ba, be, bi, bo, bu

I hope that my BOOM Cards are helpful through this upcoming school year. We are in this together friends.Tell me, how can I help you? Is there a special skill that you would like me to incorporate into my next BOOM Cards? Let me know below.

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