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Fun and engaging bilingual resources for elementary classrooms.

Discover 15+ Best Resources to Help You Organize Your Bilingual Classroom and FREEBIE

Bilingual Calendar Set and Classroom Decorations

Hi friends! I have been very busy lately with back to school, preparing for hurricanes, and updating products :) I hope that you are all having a great start to this school year, and staying safe. 

I have been updating my Bilingual Polka Dot Calendar Set and Classroom Decorations. If you love polka dots and bright colors, then this set is for you! This Calendar is a great addition for the bilingual or dual language classroom. English words are in blue and Spanish words are in red.

Here is a video preview of what's included:

Bilingual Polka Dot Calendar Set and Classroom Decorations


Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:

🌟"So happy to be able to use EVERYTHING in my classroom. AWESOME! Thank you" ~Christina P.
🌟"Amazing Resource" ~Maria V
🌟"Create a wonderful culturally competent classroom environment! ~Ashley U.

In this calendar set you will find this and much more..

Bilingual Months of the Year Header

 Bilingual Months of the Year Header

Bilingual Number Posters 1-20

  These number cards are a great way to reinforce number recognition and object-number correspondence.

Bilingual Number Posters 1-20

 Birthday Sign and Cake for Each Month

These birthday cakes make an easy and colorful birthday display! 

Birthday Sign and cakes for each month.

Bilingual Classroom Jobs

Twenty-four jobs that will teach your students responsibility, help them feel involved, and cut down on your workload.
Bilingual Classroom Jobs

Schedule Cards with Analog Clocks

Help your students know what is coming next with these schedule cards.Schedule Cards with Analog Clocks

Each student begins the day on green and can have his/her clip moved up or down depending on behavior choices. This focuses on the positive as students work hard to make choices that will help them move their clip clips up the chart. 
Bilingual Clip Chart Behavior Management:

Homework Helper (FREEBIE below)

This Homework helper is a great reference tool for your students. Just print on cardstock, laminate or insert in sheet protectors and add them to your homework or parent communication folder.

What you get?
Days of the week
Months of the year
Number chart to 100
Number chart to 120
US Coins names and values
Homework Helper

Homework Helper

For more Classroom Decor, check out this blog post.

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