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Build Fluency and Comprehension with These Fun and Engaging Hands-on Activities

Lee y comprende oraciones sencillas

It can be tough to teach reading. Many of our children learn to decode using different reading programs, but they do not learn comprehension. When teaching reading and decoding skills, it's crucial to focus on comprehension.

Lee y comprende oraciones sencillas

Reading sentences and matching them to pictures is part of this comprehension activity. The picture matching section of the activity stresses understanding, which is a crucial step beyond simply sounding out the words in the text.

Lee y comprende oraciones sencillas

This Sentence to Picture Match in Spanish set can be used in a variety of ways with students of various ages and reading stages:

♥ Children who are learning to read should match each sentence to the appropriate picture.

♥ For non-readers, read the sentence aloud and ask them to find the picture that goes with it.
♥ They can also describe the scene using only the picture cards and they can write their own sentence.
 Put out just a few sentences to match, or all of them at the same time, for a more challenging activity. 
 Put them at a station, along with a pocket chart  or used as a table top activity.

Sentence to Picture Match in Spanish

Using technology in the classroom is a terrific method to keep students interested while they work on important reading skills.

BOOM Cards I Sentence to Picture Match I in Spanish

Read and comprehend in Spanish Boom Cards- Lee y comprende oraciones sencillas are digital task cards that are engaging, interactive, self-grading, and paperless!

This deck of Boom Cards is a great way to have your students practice their reading skills in simple sentences with high frequency words.

BOOM Cards Read and comprehend in Spanish

These Boom Cards are perfect for whole-class instruction, small groups, mini-lessons, digital literacy centers, early finisher games, and at-home learning.

I hope you're looking forward to incorporating these fun and engaging hands-on activities into your classroom. Your students will build fluency and become more confident readers!

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