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Why is it important to have a visual schedule in your classroom? Tarjetas de horario

Editable Schedule Cards in Spanish l Tarjetas de horario

Looking for a solution to simplify your classroom management and keep you and your kids on track all day? A class visual timetable or schedule chart is a simple and useful tool for teachers to utilize in an elementary school classroom to support all of the students. 

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What is a visual classroom schedule?

A visual schedule is a graphic representation of chores and activities that have been scheduled throughout the day.

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How do you use a visual schedule?

My children enjoy knowing what will happen next, just as much as I do, and I ALWAYS have my schedule posted on my whiteboard.

I use a visual schedule in my classroom to help my  kids learn and organize their day. It is a permanent, visible reminder that children can refer to at any time during the day. Every day during calendar time, we check our visual schedule as a class and discuss any changes that will occur over the day.

Editable Schedule Cards in Spanish

Editable Schedule Cards in Spanish

Editable Schedule Cards in Spanish

Editable Schedule Cards in Spanish

How does a visual schedule help children?

There are numerous advantages to implementing a visual schedule with your children in your classroom. They can be a useful tool for keeping your child organized, giving them independence, and teaching them responsibility.

They make transitions go more smoothly. Your students understand the daily routine and can begin to predict and anticipate what will happen next. 

By providing a predictable pattern and showing it in an easily accessible manner, a visual daily plan aids in the creation of a sense of security. 

Have you tried using visual schedules in your classroom? 

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