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Best Tips for Teaching Syllables in Spanish Plus a FREE Resource

How to Teach Syllables in Spanish? Plus a FREE resource to Start the School Year

Counting syllables is one of the main components of phonological awareness that we teach early to our students, but for some of them, it's a very difficult task to comprehend and master. The best way to learn to segment words is to practice a lot of times!

How can I teach syllables in words?

To practice counting syllables, I teach my students how to clap out a word. Say the word slowly while you clap the number of  syllables in the word . You can also hop or stomp your feet when you say each syllable in the word. Also, if you would like a super fun trick to teach segmenting syllables is to tell your students to put theri hands under their chin. When they say the word, for example: Sirena, they can feel their chin go up and down 3 times, which is the number of syllables in the word Sirena. When students master breaking down words, they can read, write, and spell words easily. It is easier for a student to understand a word when they read it or write it if they can sound it out and spell it properly. 

I have different ways to assess my students during literacy centers. 

BOOM Cards Counting Syllables in Spanish-Contando  

BOOM Cards Counting Syllables in Spanish-Contando sílabas (Distance Learning)

Students will listen to a word, say the word, count the syllables, and click on the number that shows the number of syllables in the word.
This deck is PERFECT for non-readers and early readers since it includes SOUND. Students can click on the speakers to listen to the instructions and hear the name of each picture.

Syllable Sorting Game in Spanish-Clasificando sílabas

Syllable Sorting Game in Spanish-Clasificando sílabas

This is a fun and educational game for students to play! Kids like to play building their snowman anytime of the year! This game includes 80 puzzles total. Students will build a snowman using pieces that show the word, the number of syllables, and a picture. They will look at the word and say it out loud then they will match the picture and count the number of syllables in the word and place the corresponding hat on the snowman. 

               How Many Syllables? Worksheets in Spanish-¿Cuántas sílabas?
How Many Syllables? Worksheets in Spanish- ¿Cuántas sílabas?

If you need a "Print- and- Go" Syllable Sorting Worksheets in Spanish, don't look any further. All you have to do is print it out and hand it to your students (just don't hand out the answer keys!). These differentiated worksheets will provide the opportunity to practice sorting different words  by one, two, three and four syllables.

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I hope you can add these resources to your lessons. I am always here to help and would love to hear from you about how you teach your students. Let me know in the comments below.

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