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Effective Way to Practice Syllables In Spanish

Do you want fun and engaging syllable puzzles in Spanish? Look no further! 
I created these puzzles for my students to help them identify Spanish syllables and build words independently.

Each puzzle set features 50 words that are either 2, 3, or 4 syllables with a matching picture and self-checking QR code. Use the picture mat to start your puzzle.

These puzzles are perfect for word work, reading groups, independent practice, etc. They are easy to differentiate, work great for large or small groups, can be used at learning centers, or can be sent home for additional independent practice.

Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:

🌟"I loved these and my students do too!!! They are so helpful in putting syllables together and taking them apart as well".~Laura E

🌟"Bought this 2-syllable puzzles.. one week later and I bought the 3 & 4 syllable puzzles. Students loved this activity!"~Erika G
🌟"These are great, love the self-check portion!!~Ana M
🌟"My students loved this resource and I love how it reinforced segmenting words into syllables. The QR code to self-check is icing on the cake and supports students in independently completing this task during centers. "~Elise S
🌟"This is by far one of my favorite purchases EVER!"~Maestra Morales

Head over to TpT If you would like to take a peek at these resources.

Spanish Two-Syllable Puzzles. Rompecabezas de palabras de dos sílabas

Spanish Three-Syllable Puzzles. Rompecabezas de palabras de tres sílabas

Spanish Four-Syllable Puzzles-Rompecabezas de cuatro sílabas

I hope your students have as much fun as mine!

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