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Beginning Syllable Centers In Spanish 
(Sílabas con la letra m)

Engage students with these fun hands-on literacy centers in Spanish that focus on beginning syllable sounds with  the letter m (ma, me, mi, mo and mu).

Build A Flower Beginning Syllable Sounds This hands-on printable activity is a great review for students to practice identifying and sorting beginning syllable sounds. Your students will build a flower for each syllable with letter “m” by sorting the word petals according to the beginning syllable sound. You can use magnets on a cookie sheet or velcro.
Use this activity for review, practice, as an early finisher activity in a Literacy Center.

Beginning Syllable Sounds Clip Cards These clip cards are a fun way to practice beginning syllable sounds. Students look at the picture on each card, then clip a clothespin on the correct syllable. (You could also use a counter, cube, or chip to cover!).

Beginning Syllable Sounds Pocket Chart Cards This set contains 5 header cards, 160 picture/word cards to teach syllables with ma, me, mi, mo, and mu. Half of the word cards (80) display the beginning syllable sound in red font, and the other set displays the entire word in black font.

Beginning Syllable Write And Count Cards 80 picture cards that have a line for the missing beginning syllable sound, a box to write the number of syllables in the word, and two lines to write a sentence using the word.

Let me know what you think about these activities in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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