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5 Spanish Syllable Videos Every Spanish Teacher Should Try and a Freebie!

We know that videos are highly engaging for kids. So why not use them for teaching and learning?
These fun videos will have your students learning to read while having fun! Use these videos everyday in your classroom so that children practice reading words. 
You can use educational videos to open a lesson, as a warm up, to fill in the small time gaps during the day, or as a review at the end of the day.

Here's what a few teachers are saying about it:

♥ "Excellent resource! I love it and my students as well. I use it during the morning routine and for centers. "~Maria Ramos
♥"Love it" ~Diana R

🌟Aprende la Silaba A & E - Learn Syllables A and E In Spanish

If you enjoy this free video, be sure to check out Learn Spanish Syllables Videos (Bundle)- Videos para aprender las sílabas.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy the freebie!

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